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Casey has a one-night stand with Ruby Buckton (Rebecca Breeds), who is attempting to move on from her ex Romeo.

Casey furiously attacks Romeo when he discovers that he treated her poorly and ends their friendship.

Casey struggles with his school work and Miles Copeland (Josh Quong Tart) suspects that he may be dyslexic.

Cheryl is angry at the school's recommendation that he gets tested.

Episodes: 4665–5583 Parents: Charlie Buckton & Grant Bledcoe (biological parents, both deceased); Ross & Elsie Buckton (adoptive parents/biological grandparents, both deceased); Morag Bellingham (adoptive stepmother) Siblings: Mila Bledcoe & unnamed brother (half-siblings) Occupation: Student Cheeky and mature for her age, 15-year-old Ruby came to the Bay from boarding school along with her maintenance man boyfriend, Pat.

Romeo receives a surprise when his sister Mink (Matylda Buezko) turns up unexpectedly in an upcoming storyline - but her arrival could not come at a worse time as he is busy arguing with Indi over money matters.

She describes the moment she first saw one of Ruby's illustrations as an awakening.

Exhibit A: London-based Ruby Elliot (internet~* handle Rubyetc)'s bio reads: "a twentysomething artist and illustrator; lover of dogs, and hater of kale," which is ten out of ten as kale is objectively overrated and dogs are the only thing in this world that Spark Notes employees love more than making memes out of classic literature.

It was a REAL treat when we found out that Ruby, whose Tumblr following has surpassed 200k, scored a book deal last year.

Come January 31, you will be able to purchase, caress, and file "It's All Absolutely Fine: Life Is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead" to your Goodreads list labeled "YESSSSS." You can preorder it on HERE.

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