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Downloadable by selecting the desired format below: Note: Due to the length of each line of data in these files, in order to print the files in a useful format we recommend that you use landscape mode, and you may also have to use small margins (0.5 inch or less) and a small font (6-8 pt.). For the most up-to-date information, see the online Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Site Database.To see what cleanups are going on in your neighborhood, please refer to DEQ's Facility Profiler (Note: The Facility Profiler is not limited to UST cleanup sites.) The UST Facilities by Zip List is compiled of all underground storage tank facilities in Oregon.The UST Cleanup List is a listing of all sites with reported releases of petroleum products from regulated underground storage tanks, unregulated USTs, and home heating oil tanks.

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Because the post-treatment analytical results for co-mingled soils are provided directly to ADEC, the Responsible Party does not have to provide a separate copy of the post-treatment analytical results as indicated in the form.Financial Responsibility, Fund Eligibility, Fund Coverage: Not the Same Things This is intended to be a short description of Financial Responsibility, Fund Eligibility, and Fund Coverage for the TN UST program.It is not designed or intended to be an all-encompassing treatise on this subject, nor a predictor designed to fit all conditions pertaining to these topics.The list also contains the General Permit Operating Certificate Number that authorizes the facility to deposit regulated substances, such as motor fuels, into the new or upgraded tanks.These operating certificate numbers are also important to fuel distributors, since distributors are subject to enforcement action for delivering fuel to a facility without an operating certificate.

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