Dating the right way

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They “date around.” They engage in casual hook-ups.

Rather than honoring God with their bodies, they see sex as inconsequential. God gave us intimacy because it’s part of the process by which we become one with another person. When you have a sexual relationship with someone, it creates a powerful, intimate bond. That’s why sex can be so damaging before (and outside of) marriage.

Then you become a full grown, blossoming woman and, with no prospects in the horizon, you start negotiating with yourself like "okay maybe he doesn't have to be tall.

It's not like there are any tall guys in my life anyway.

There are things floating around that have little or nothing to do with the Bible.

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In adolescence you want your man to be tall, good-looking, God fearing, wealthy, kind hearted, funny, a good listener, love you to pieces and the list just goes on and on and until you become a teenager. You're still a bit 'idealistic' so you only edit your list a just little bit within reason. You start getting wiser and therefore more 'realistic' so you start telling yourself it's okay if he's just tall, good looking, fears God, has money and loves you to pieces.But the Bible doesn’t say one specific word about dating, because people didn’t date back then like we date today.However, Scripture does have strong words that can apply to today’s dating culture: In today’s culture, young people tend to have relationship after relationship.Men are the most patient beings when it comes to finding the right woman.A man would take his time picking from the litter as if God made all the women in the world for his sole pleasure.

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