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For all the autobiographical touches on Revisionary History, the collection is one of deeply relatable songs.

Both releases were made between parts in films and on TV (including a recurring role on this season of Showtime s House of Lies) in an acting career that began with her debut in the David Lynch sci-fi classic Dune in 1984 when Alicia was 7.

Though she lost the championship two months later, she has her sights set on regaining the butterfly-studded championship belt.

Under the name Alicia Fox, Victoria Crawford was introduced to the WWE Universe on the June 13, 2008 episode of Smack Down as the planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s upcoming nuptials.

The album was years in the making, with some of 9 Alicia Witt originals dating back to the mid- 00s.

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The reflective piano ballad Friend opens the album with Alicia sifting through feelings of attraction for someone she knows should be just a pal and not a lover.You’re either exotic and wild or totally Victorian.” Alicia Witt launched a successful kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her first full-length album, “Live at Rockwood," now available on i Tunes.Alicia Witt is currently dating musician Ben Folds. This record is probably the most personal thing that I ve put out, says Witt, who released a self-titled EP in 2009 and the full-length Live at Rockwood in 2012. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Pisapia also lends acoustic guitar, pedal steel, backing vocals, and additional percussion.

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